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Microdripper & Microspray

Dripper systems minimise loss by evaporation and limit water to the root zone of the plant by applying water at very low flow rates. Pressure Compensating drippers give controlled watering, compensating for uneven terrain, so if you've planted on a slope, you can apply the same amount of water, at the same rate to each plant, rather than under-watering at top and over-watering at the bottom. The flow rate can be pre set so that the amount of water emitted over a length of time can be easily calculated.

Micro-spray is a cross between 'spray' and 'drip' irrigation. It creates a larger wetted area than drip irrigation, making it well suited for irrigating ground covers, large flowerbeds and sandy soil, without the excess evaporation of a full 'spray'. Risers can be fixed or designed to pop-up. Operating at fairly low pressure (generally between 15 and 30 psi), microspray puts out a higher volume of water than drip irrigation.

For more information on how micro drippers and microspray can help keep your plants alive over the hot summer months, contact us today.

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